Cameras from a wide range of manufacturers and performance classes

We distribute a variety of thermographic cameras from different manufacturers and support them in our software. The main classification is into cooled and uncooled thermographic cameras:

Cooled cameras have a Stirling cooler built in, which cools the IR detector down to approx. 77 to 80 K, making it very sensitive to low heat radiation intensities. This high sensitivity also makes cooled cameras well suited for capturing fast processes. Since the price range of a single camera without additional accessories goes from the mid five-digit to the six-digit range, it is worthwhile to get individual advice on which performance features are best suited for your specific application.

Uncooled cameras are less sensitive and less fast than cooled cameras, but they are also much cheaper to buy. If sensitivity and speed are sufficient for your application, it is worth switching to an uncooled camera; seek competent advice.


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