Non-Destructive Testing

Material and component testing

We offer feasibility studies and series testing with various testing methods of active. Cost-efficient and fast examinations in the laboratory allow for evaluation and use of the testing technologies without large investments.

OTvis and PTvis Services

Testing of carbon fibre structures and components as a service in-house or on-site at the customer, e.g.: Aircraft components, helicopter components, monocoques, add-on parts, bicycle frames and many more. Carrying out preliminary tests, feasibility studies and small series testing.

ITvis Services

Crack detection, weld and solder seam testing. Carrying out small testing series, preliminary investigations and feasibility studies.

LTvis Services

Testing of coatings, EHT testing, grinding burn testing, crack testing. Carrying out feasibility studies and small series testing.

UTvis Services

Crack detection on metallic or non-metallic parts and components, or geometrically complex parts (e.g. cast components).

Our equipment

Our test laboratory is equipped for manual and automated tests according to the latest state of the art. Our testers are certified according to EN ISO 9712 (EN 473) or DIN EN 4179. We offer tests with the active thermographic methods:

  • Induction thermography
  • Optical lockin-thermography
  • Pulse thermography / flash thermography
  • Ultrasound thermography
  • Laser thermography
  • Passive thermography for R&D Applications

Services around thermography

We offer a cost- and time-efficient on-site inspection and take care of a smooth and fast inspection processing.


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