Non-contact inspection
of battery components

Battery compenent inspection

The testing of high-performance batteries takes place in various steps of the process chain. Starting with the separator foils (particle detection, layer thicknesses) to the terminals (weld seam quality) to the thermal properties of the cells (determination of heat conduction/temperature conduction) and tightness of containers. We develop the appropriate thermographic testing systems and equipment for this.

Battery testing in a nutshell

Separator films can be inspected inline for particle contamination. A high-performance laser illuminates the surface, while an infrared camera acts as a line-scan camera to record the cooling behaviour. Particles measuring just a few micrometres can be identified in this way.

Testing battery components with thermography

The laser-excited thermography of our automated testing systems or testing devices is flexible enough to be adapted to the different application areas. For weld seam testing as well as particle detection or heat conduction determination, the laser-induced heat dissipation is measured. The various parameters can be derived from the cooling time using adapted physical models.