Automated NDT
im seconds or less

Automated NDT with active Thermography

High demands are usually placed on testing with automated testing equipment and systems. Fast component and material testing with simultaneously high detection sensitivity and lowest pseudo-rejection rate is the requirement. By means of targeted, very efficient excitation techniques in cooperation with sophisticated evaluation algorithms, edevis produces a robust testing system that is far superior to the manual process in most cases. The investment is quickly amortised.

Automated NDT with thermography

  • Crack detection with induction or laser thermography
  • Testing of forged parts with induction thermography
  • NDT on Laser weld seams with induction or laser excited thermography
  • Solder and weld seam testing with induction or laser thermography
  • Coating inspection with laser thermography
  • Testing of CFRP/CFC sheets with optically excited thermography
  • Wear pattern inspection of gears under load with thermography