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Temperature monitoring in real time

  • Temperature monitoring with alarm function
  • Use in production and monitoring applications
  • Clear user interface
  • Fast and intuitive configuration
  • Password-protected configuration area
  • Easy connection with programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Typical Applications of DisplayImg QTvis

  • Control of temperature-critical processes
  • Shutdown of processes when certain temperature limits are exceeded
  • Long-term monitoring of temperature curves

Supported hardware

  • FLIR A-Series cameras
  • FLIR cooled X-Series cameras (optional)
  • Compatible with 24 V IO signals
  • Expandable with PLC communication via Industrial Ethernet
DisplayIMG QTvis PlusDisplayIMG QTvis
Native 64 Bit applicationNative 64 Bit application
A-Series camerasA-Series cameras
X-Series cameras
Alarm functionsAlarm functions
Analysis functionsAnalysis functions

System requirements

Operating systemWindows 7 or higher (64 Bit)
Memorymin. 8 GB
CPUCore i5 or higher (4th generation or newer)

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