Wear pattern inspection
with thermography

Testing gears? Testing systems for perfect wear pattern inspection

The wear pattern of a gear pair provides information about the efficiency and noise development during operation of the gear pair (e.g. pinion / ring gear). Conventional tests rely on pre-treatment of the gear with oil-based varnish (touch paste) to visually determine the imprint. This inspection can be replaced by the thermographically determined thermal imprint with inspection equipment and inspection systems from edevis, thus considerably simplifying and accelerating the process.

Wear pattern inspection in a nutshell

In the case of contact pattern testing with infrared thermography testing systems, the impression of each tooth of the gear is determined with each possible individual partner tooth. In contrast, conventional visual inspection with paint produces a cumulative image of all impressions, which is much less informative. Thermographic testing is therefore more accurate, does not require any aids (paint) and can be carried out more quickly, making it suitable for fully automated testing equipment and testing systems.

How wear pattern inspection works

The gear pairs are loaded in the test bench or in the test facility. When two teeth come into contact under load, small temperature differences occur on the contact surface of the teeth. A fast infrared camera captures the thermal imprint of these tooth impressions and determines the exact position of the imprint. Gear inspection could not be simpler or faster.