Thermography testing
for all industries

Automated test systems for your industry

Your industry has not been included so far? No problem, as a specialist in the construction of thermographic testing systems, there are actually no industry boundaries for us. Thermographic testing methods can be used in all industries, here are a few more examples.

Selected industry examples for our testing systems

  • Furniture & wood industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Metal industry & semi-finished products  
  • Wind power / energy industry
  • Textile industry 
  • Military   
  • Railway 
  • and many more…

Read a little more about each industry …

Other industry applications of our testing systems

Our testing systems are very well suited for material testing in the wood processing and furniture industry: the quality and grade of the physical properties of logs, laminates, veneers as well as wood parts or wood composites of all kinds can be determined very easily and reliably with our systems.

In the packaging industry, our inline testing systems are used, among other things, for leak testing of packaging, whether for closures, seams and seals of all kinds, which we can carry out non-destructively and, in contrast to gas testing, without a foreign medium.

In the metal industry, all raw materials and semi-finished products can be tested for their material quality. It starts with the detection of hidden corrosion, detection of crack formation, weld tracking, etc. But coating testing is also a wide field, whether coating thickness measurement, classification of hardening depth, classification of nitriding depth, grinding burn detection, etc.

In the wind power and energy industry, our testing devices are used for material tests, for example on solar panels. In wind turbines, for example, the fibre composites of the blades are examined non-destructively. Due to their size, these are moved along with the help of robots, rail systems and sensors. On the other hand, it is about the detection of material defects during operation, for example whether a lightning strike has damaged a turbine.

In the textile industry, apart from knitting machines, it is mainly the textile products that can be tested with our machines, especially pre-products of fibre composites, where we can check the raw material for material defects before they go into further production.

In the field of defence & military, there are almost innumerable possible applications for our thermographic test systems with non-destructive technology. In the field of repair and maintenance of vehicles and weapon systems, our devices can contribute a lot to quality assurance. In the area of material testing, material quality, material suitability and quality testing can be carried out with the help of our systems and devices.

In the railway industry, it’s all about material suitability testing and the inspection of material defects, whether for railway parts, rails or wheels. A good example is the wheel tyres of ICEs, the quality of which has to be checked non-destructively over and over.