Non-contact testing
of electronics

Electronics testing

Faulty semiconductor components or circuit boards usually show anomalies in thermal behaviour caused by local power losses. These irregularities can be made visible by using infrared thermography with a lockin amplifier and can be used specifically for fault analyses. We develop testing devices, testing systems and automated testing equipment for your components.

Electronics testing in a nutshell

Lockin thermography test equipment and systems can be used in the analysis of ICs, transistors, solar cells and passive components. In electronics, the surface temperature can be determined, hotspots as well as different materials can be detected and electrical as well as mechanical defects can be recorded. The application of solar cells includes the detection of cell defects, the detection of cracks, the detection of short circuits as well as the quality of solar modules (charge carrier lifetime).

How electronics testing works

Our Locking Thermography Test Systems (LITe) use the Lockin technique to enable the determination of the smallest power dissipations and to localise defects very precisely. The combination of powerful infrared cameras with the proven edevis Lockin system makes it possible to resolve temperature differences in the μK range.