Non-contact NDT
of metal parts and others

Non-contact NDT
of CFRP parts

Non-contact NDT
of weld- and solder-joints

Non-contact NDT
of adhesive joints

Non-contact wear pattern detection
on gears

Thermal stress analysis

Electronic parts testing

Coating and grinding burn testing

Thermal process control

Thermography NDT systems for many different applications

Active thermography is often used in the non-destructive testing of metal, polymer and fibre composite components. However, lock-in thermography is also ideally suited for testing electronic components and parts such as ICs, solar cells or electrical assemblies.

Our spectrum of NDT systems

Our range of testing systems and equipment covers a wide variety of applications that can be solved using the methods of active thermography. Your application is not included? Just ask us, we will be happy to advise you.