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DisplayImg Professional

DisplayImg Professional – Efficient workflow in imaging NDT

  • Ideal solution for testing with active and passive thermography
  • High efficiency to handle huge amounts of data
  • Optimised workflow
  • Attractive and sophisticated user interface
  • Use in production, laboratory and service applications
  • Expandable with many edevis software modules

DisplayImg 7 Professional

Support for all your devices

  • All edevis excitation sources: Induction, laser, optical, flash, …
  • FLIR Stirling-cooled high-end infrared cameras
  • FLIR uncooled microbolometer cameras
  • InfraTec ImageIR cameras
  • IRCAM cameras
  • Telops cameras
  • DeviceAlabs cameras
  • Xenics cameras
  • Noxant cameras
  • Isi-Sys Shearography cameras
  • Backwards compatible with numerous edevis products
DisplayImg 7 Professional

Powerful tools

  • Campaign manager for clear measurement data management
  • Further development of the proven project tree concept for simple recording of complex issues
  • Graphical representation of measured values
  • Statistical evaluation of images
  • Image processing filters for post-processing and image evaluation
  • Script language Python for custom built extensions
DisplayIMG ProfessionalDisplayIMG Basic
Native 64 Bit ApplicationNative 64 Bit Application
Real-time storage, real-time processingReal-time storage, real-time processing
Passive and active ThermographyPassive and active Thermography
Active Shearography
Real-time image processing for thermography and shearographyReal-time image processing for thermography and shearography
Comprehensive analysis functionsBasic analysis functions
Image processing filters (edge detection, smoothing, …)
Script extension (Python script language)
Coordinate transformation in the livestream or result image
System requirements
Operating systemMinimum: Windows 10 64 Bit
Recommended: Windows 10 64 Bit
MemoryMinimum: 8 GB
Recommended: 16 GB
CPUMinimum: Core i5 or newer (4th generation or newer)
Recommended: Core i7 (current generation)
GraphicsMinimum: Intel chipset graphics
Recommended: Dedicated graphics (NVIDIA or AMD)


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