DisplayImg API/Core Bundle

The DisplayImg API is a software library to support developers with their individual active thermography application. It offers support for most infrared cameras on the market and for all edevis active thermography measurement modules, heating sources and signal generators.

Different camera interfaces can be used for data acquisition, as well as the measurement modules which support Pulse and Lockin technique and support numerous excitation sources.
The implementation as a native 64 bit application allows for acquisition of long infrared image sequences without memory limitations.

  • Performing a NUC (non-uniformity correction (1 point or 2 point NUC)
  • Setting of all relevant camera parameters (frame rate, integration time, lens, calibration, size of the acquisition window …)
  • Recording and storage of image sequences

Lockin Module

  • Hardware synchronization of camera with the excitation signal. Allows the precise temporal synchronization of the camera with the excitation signal (lock-in modulation frequency).
  • Arbitrary Lockin modulation frequency.
  • Calculation of measurement results: amplitude image, phase signature, 0 ° and 90 ° images or temperature / intensity
  • Free configuration, storage, and loading of measurement processes and parameter sets in XML format.
  • Real-time recording and analysis of the images stream without buffering using online Fourier transform (alternatively a storage of the sequence to disk and later offline analysis is possible)


  • Supports all edevis excitation modules being supported by DisplayImg professional software
  • Supports all cameras being supported by DisplayImg professional software
  • Compatible to measurement results files and measurement parameters in DisplayImg Professional software

Modular API – focus on your application

API supports all hardware components that are also supported by the DisplayIMG software. The modular building block system enables the extremely efficient creation of a custom software solution for a wide variety of applications. The user interface is always simple and intuitively programmable, yet offers full access to real-time data.

In the diagram, the customised software is coloured blue; the entire core functionality consists of tried and tested software components.

Typical Applications of DisplayImg API

  • Scientific applications for active or passive thermography
  • Real-time applications
  • Applications for automated NDT
System Requirements
Required licenseDisplayImg Professional or DisplayImg Core
Development environment / compilerMicrosoft Visual Studio, NI Labview, others on request
Operating systemMinimum: Windows 10 (64 Bit)
Recommended: Windows 10 (64 Bit)
MemoryMinimum: 8 GB
Recommended: 16 GB
CPUCore i5 or better (4th generation and newer)
Recommended: Core i7 (current generation)
GraficsMinumum: Intel chipset graphics
Recommended: dedicated workstation graphic (NVIDIA or AMD)

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