VTShearoVis – Component testing under load for adhesion

  • Vacuum-excited shearography is a non-destructive testing method
  • Detection of the deformation of the component under load
  • Particularly suitable for the characterisation of sandwich structures and adhesive joints
  • Used in aerospace, automotive and wind energy industries
  • Expandable with all other edevis excitation sources and software modules


The component is subjected to a changed ambient or internal pressure and the resulting deformation is monitored shearographically. The test is carried out either in a vacuum chamber or with a vacuum bonnet or vacuum window placed on the component. Defects locally reduce the stiffness and are detectable by the locally increased deformation. This also makes it possible to distinguish between areas with and without adhesion. In many cases, vacuum excitation comes closest to the actual component load in operation. Some defects, such as kissing bonds, are also detectable solely on the basis of locally increased deformation under mechanical excitation, whereas, for example, X-rays, ultrasonic waves and heat flows pass through the adjacent interfaces without interaction. In the case of pressure tanks, overpressure excitation can also occur.


GFRP/foam tailplane with irregularities in leading and trailing edge as well as necking and undercutting of spar bonding
Inserts in aluminium honeycomb structure: adhesive on the left, detached on the right.
Rocket fin made of aluminium/foam composite with small detachments

  • Testing of CFRP and other fibre-reinforced composites (impacts, ondulations, delamination, connection of inserts, inclusions, resin pockets, …)
  • Testing of sandwich components (e.g. aluminium, CFRP, GFRP, … on honeycomb, foam, balsa wood, …)
  • Testing of adhesions

VTShearovis Software

VTShearoVis software module for DisplayImg – the comprehensive acquisition and evaluation software with project tree and script interface especially suitable for VTShearovis measurements. Modularly expandable with all other excitation modules.

DisplayImg Professional

Technical specification

SystemsVTShearovis 600VTShearovis 7500
Pump capacity0.6 m3/h7.5 m3/h
Max. negative pressure850 mbar850 mbar
Testing area300 x 250 mm2300 x 250 mm2
Housing19” / 3 HU19” / 3 HU


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