VibroShearoVis – Imaging vibration analysis for fault detection

  • Vibration-excited time-averaging shearography is a non-destructive testing method
  • Large-scale robust visualisation of natural oscillations and local defect resonances in real time
  • Particularly suitable for the characterisation of sandwich structures, monolithic fibre-reinforced composites and ceramics
  • Used in aeronautical and boat building industry 
  • Use in production and maintenance
  • Expandable with all other edevis excitation sources and software modules


The component is made to vibrate, e.g. via piezo shakers or loudspeakers. Depending on the frequency, the various natural vibration modes or also (usually at higher frequencies) local defect resonances occur. These are displayed in real time and can be immediately marked on the component. Since the reference image is continuously renewed during the measurement, the method is very robust – the measurement does not even have to be stopped for a repositioning of the sensor or the piezoshaker. The time averaging technique does not require a pulsed laser source.


Delamination in fibre ceramics (C-SiC)

  • Testing of CFRP and other fibre-reinforced plastic composites (delamination, connection of inserts, …)
  • Testing of C-SiC and other ceramics (delamination, …)
  • Testing of sandwich components (e.g. aluminium, CFRP, GFRP, … on honeycomb, foam, wood, …)
  • Testing of adhesions
Oscillating membrane

VibroShearovis Software

VibroShearoVis Module for DisplayImg – the comprehensive acquisition and evaluation software with project tree and script interface especially dedicated to Vibration Shearovis measurements. Modularly expandable with all further excitation modules.

DisplayImg Professional »

Technical specification

Amplifier HVA-DB200Piezoshaker PS-X03-32/150Piezoshaker PS-X03-16/150Piezoshaker PS-X03-6/500
FrequencyDC – 30 kHzDC – 4 kHzDC – 8 kHzDC – 20 kHz
Amplitude22 μm11 μm2.4 μm
Voltage0 – 180 V
Power supply230 V / 16 A
Housing19” / 3 RU


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