OTShearovis – Shearography for testing the deformation

Shearography is a non-contact, non-destructive testing method that is very well suited for the characterisation of sandwich structures and fibre-reinforced plastic composites. The method is particularly used when other methods reach their limits. OTShearovis is expandable with all other Edevis excitation sources and software modules, offering the unique possibility to use both shearography and thermography on one platform.

  • Optically excited shearography is a non-contact non-destructive testing method
  • Detection of the deformation of the component under load
  • Particularly suitable for the characterisation of sandwich structures and fibre-reinforced plastic composites
  • Used in the aerospace, automotive and wind energy industries.
  • Expandable with all other edevis excitation sources and software modules
Principle of Shearography


During optical excitation, the surface temperature of the component is increased. Special halogen radiators are used for this purpose, which do not affect the image capture of the sensor. The heating leads to a small but shearographically detectable deformation. Defects that weaken the component mechanically locally and/or lead to a build-up of heat result in a locally increased deformation that can be seen in the shearogram. The temperature differences are usually only a few °C.


Complex CFRP structure with impact damage
Inserts in aluminium honeycomb structure: adhering on the left, partially detached on the right.
  • Testing of CFRP and other fibre-reinforced composites (impacts, ondulations, delamination, connection of inserts, inclusions, resin pockets, …)
  • Testing of sandwich components (e.g. aluminium, CFRP, GRP, etc., on honeycomb, foam, balsa wood, …)
  • Testing of adhesions

OTShearovis Software

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The comprehensive acquisition and evaluation software with project tree and script interface especially suitable for OTShearovis measurements. Modularly expandable with all other excitation modules.

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Technical specification

Lamp controlOTShearovis 4000
Power output4.0 kW
Power supply230 V / 16 A
Overload protectionyes

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