Software for Thermography and Shearography

Powerful tools for Research, Laboratories, and Production

DisplayIMG Pro / Basic

The standard software for imaging non-destructive testing in the laboratory or in research and development.

DisplayImg Screenshot
  • Compatible with Thermography and Shearography
  • Lockin- and Pulse measurements
  • Extensive evaluation and data processing tolls
  • For laboratory and service applications
  • Script language for custom extensions

DisplayIMG Automation

The reliable software tool for automated non-destructive testing.

DisplayIMG Automation
  • Efficient algorithms for fast acquisition within the given cycle time
  • Connectivity to numerous PLC controllers via Profi.NET, Profibus, TwinCAT, Interbus, ...
  • Ready for production (24/7)
  • Fully automated acquisition and evaluation

DisplayImg QTvis

Precise process control for automated temperature monitoring.

  • Automated process control
  • Flexible interfaces to attach to processes
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Compatible to A-series infrared cameras
  • Data exchange via 24V signal lines

DisplayImg API

Application program interface for efficient implementation in your application

DisplayImg API
  • Intuitive and simple programming interface
  • Interfaces with most programming environments and languages such as Labview, MATLAB, C++, VB, ...
  • Compatible to all edevis hardware products