Test Laboratory for Thermography and Shearography

Our test lab - your benefit.

Test Laboratory

Feasibility studies and series inspections with the test methods of active thermography, shearography and photothermal radiometry.. Cost efficient an fast investigations in the laboratory allow for the evaluation and use of test technologies without major investment.

Scope of services

Our test laboratory is equipped for manual and automated tests according to the latest state of the art. Our material testers are accredited according to EN ISO 9712 and EN4179. We offer tests with active thermography technologies:

  • Induction thermography
  • Optically excited lock-in thermography
  • Pulse thermography
  • Ultrasound excited thermography

Furthermore, we offer photothermal and shearography tests.


We offer measurements on your site as a service. We take charge of an efficient handling of the tests.

Service Description

On-site tests, cost and time efficient. We always work with the newest measurement and testing devices and therefor ensure best test results according to the state of the art. Our test personnel is accredited according to EN ISO 9712 or EN4179, depending on the application. Typical test applications are the characterization of fiber-reinforced composites, testing of composite materials and coatings and many other applications. Frequently used testing technologies are optical lock-in thermography (OTvis), and pulse thermography (PTvis); further technologies on request.


Product and technology training in our house or on-site.

Our trainings are product specific, complementing the DGZfP (German Society on Non-destructive Testing) offer. By our long-time involvement in the training of DGZfP in the method TT (thermography), we are able to provide you substantiated knowledge in the field of active thermography.