Optische Lockin-Thermografie

OTvis - large inspection area, short inspection time

  • Optical excited Lockin-Thermography is a remote non-contact test method
  • Ideally suited for characterization of composite material (CFRP)
  • Depth resolved imaging and flaw detection, as well as wall thickness measurement
  • Allows for measurement of large areas (> 1 m2)

Optical excited Lockin-Thermography

Optically excited lock-in thermography is a non-contact non-destructive testing method, which is well established for the characterization of carbon fiber reinforced plastics in aerospace and automotive industry. It allows for depth resolved defect and boundary detection. Large areas with complex structures can be inspected in one go. The lock-in technique is extremely robust, insusceptible to external disturbances, and works even under harsh conditions. The method is suitable for quality assurance in production and maintenance. All edevis testing systems are modularly designed. The OTvis system can be extended with all other edevis excitation sources and software packages.

Principle of optically excited Lockin-Thermography

Optically excited Lockin-Thermography

The basic idea of lock-in thermography is the visualization of thermal wave propagation. The phase angle of such waves provides information about thermal structures and inhomogeneities. The thermal waves are generated by intensity-modulated halogen lamps which heat up the surface. The signal is captured by a high-resolution infrared camera. Our patented evaluation method “R/L-Algorithm” allows for the determination of thicknesses and thermal reflection coefficients.

Typical applications for Optical Lockin-Thermography

CFRP sandwich structure

CFRP sandwich structure with Lockin-Thermography (phase image at 0.05 Hz). Dark areas represent well connected metal inserts. Missing adhesion or wrong positioning is visually identified.

CFRP Structure

Photo of CFRP sandwich structure. Flaws are not visible from outside.


  • Non-destructive testing of von CFRP / other fibre composites (delaminations, impact damages, inclusions and porosity, positioning of inserts, adhesion analysis of Prefom materials, direction of fibres...)
  • Leather (inclusions, wraps, repaired areas)
  • Detection of corrosion
  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Characterization of plastic welding joints
  • Wind turbine testing

OTvis Software

  • DisplayImg Basic / Professional

    Extensive acquisition and evaluation software with leading concept such as project-tree and script-interface, dedicated for OTvis multi-frequency measurements. Numerous extension modules are available

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  • DisplayImg Elements OTvis

    User-frienly, simple-to-use software specially designed for OTvis.

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Lamp controller OTvis 2000 OTvis 4000 OTvis 6000 OTvis 8000
Outout power 2 kW 4 kW 6 kW 8 kW
Supply 230V / 16A 400V / 16A 400V / 16A 400V / 32A
Temperature controlled fans yes yes yes yes
Overload protection yes yes yes yes
Housing Compact housing 19'' / 2U 19'' / 2U 19'' / 2