ITvis - sub-second fast test of metallic components

  • Inductive Thermography is a non-contact test method
  • Ideally suited for crack detection and welding seam inspection
  • Applicable to detection of small flaws
  • Well suited for automated inline test

Inductive Thermography

Inductive Thermography is a non-contact imaging test method for defect detection in metallic structures. The method provides excellent detection capabilities comparable to color penetrant or magnetic flux testing while the test duration is extremely short. Sample preparation and use of chemicals isn't needed. The lock-in technology makes the method robust against environmental influences, and surface properties, leading to optimum sensitivity. Using this imaging method, interpretation and documentation of test results is easy and simple.

Crack detection within few hundreds of Milliseconds

Inductive thermography can be combined with robotics to allow for a short test cycle time. With an adapted software (DisplayIMG automation), flaws are automatically detected, and the defective products are sorted out. ITvis can be combined with all other Edevis excitation sources.

Inductive Thermography

Principle of Induction Thermography

Induction Thermography

Inductive thermography induces eddy currents in a specimen which are visualized using an infrared camera. Inhomogeneities in the eddy current distribution indicate material defects. As measurement result, the time lag between inductive excitation and thermal response is evaluated, providing an extremely robust signal, which is insensitive to irregularities or impurities of the component surface. For stimulation, highly accurate industry-proven induction technology is used. Detection is done with sensitive and fast cooled detectors or cost efficient uncooled cameras.

ITvis Test Standard Prüfung

Typische Anwendungen der Induktions-Thermografie

  • Crack detection in metallic components (e.g. cast-, forging- or thermo-drawn)
  • Detection of faults in adhesive joints, rivet joints and weldings
  • Characterization of metal-polymer compounds
  • Detection of double skin in rolled plates

Crack detection with Inductive Thermography on a test standard.

ITvis Software

  • DisplayImg Basic / Professional

    Extensive acquisition and evaluation software with leading concept such as project-tree and script-interface, dedicated for ITvis measurements. Numerous extension modules are available

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  • DisplayImg Automation

    Software for automated data acquisition and evaluation.

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Induction generator ITvis 3000 ITvis 5000 ITvis 10000
Nominal output power 3 kW 5 kW 10 kW
Supply 230V / 16A 400V / 16A 400V / 32A
Cooling system air-cooled air-cooled water-cooled
Overload protection yes yes yes
Housing 19'' / 3U 19'' / 4U 19'' / 3U