Imaging non-destructive test methods

Application notes

Carbon fiber composite testing

Large-scale testing of carbon fiber composite structures for aerospace and automotive applications using optical lockin thermography.

Application note CFRP

CFRP testing with Optical Lock In Thermography (pdf, 1.7MB)

Adhesion- and weld inspection

Non-contact testing of adhesive joints and welds with induction thermography.

Application notes joints.

Testing of joints with induction thermography (pdf, 1.7MB)

Non-contact crack detection

Automated imaging detection of cracks in metal parts using induction thermography.

Application note Crack detection

Crack detection with induction thermography (pdf, 1.9MB)

Testing of sandwich components

Large-scale testing of aerospace fiber composite sandwich structures by means of shearography.

Application note Sandwich

Sandwich testing with shearography(pdf, 1.0MB)

Testing of adhesive joints for composite material

Large-scale testing of aerospace fiber composite structures with adhesive joints by means of shearography.

Application note Adhesion

Adhesion testing with shearography(pdf, 5.0MB)

Surface layer inspection for metallic and ceramic materials

Typical applications for ForaTherm system is the inspection of case hardening depth or other surface layer characterization.

Application Note Photothermal Radiometry

Surface layer inspection with Photothermal Radiometry (pdf, 0.6MB)