Vibrations-angeregte Shearography

VibroShearovis - inspection of adhesive connections

  • Vibration-excited Shearography is a non-destructive test method
  • Imaging of Eigen-resonances and local defect resonances (LDR)
  • Characterization of sandwich structures, monolithic fibre composites and ceramics
  • Used in aerospace, automotive and wind energy industries
  • Application in production and maintenance
  • Compatible and extendable with other edevis excitation sources and software modules

Principle of vibration-excited Shearography

Principle of Vibration-excited Shearography

Elastic waves in solids cause periodic surface deformations. These displacements can be examined both with time averaging shearography (qualitatively) as well as with vibrografie (quantitatively). Local defects such as delaminations behave like vibrating membranes and thus have their own resonant frequencies, which are usually significantly higher than the natural frequencies of the components. Vibrational excitation is also suited very well for very stiff materials such as ceramics.

Typical applications for vibration-excited Shearography

Vibrating membrane
Vibrating membrane
Aluminium honeycomb panel with several delaminations
Aluminium honeycomb panel with several delaminations


  • Inspection of CFRP and other fibre composites (delaminations, adhesion of inserts, ...)
  • Inspection of C/C-SiC and other fibre ceramics (delamination, …)
  • Inspection of sandwich componemts (e.g. Aluminium, CFRP, GFRP, … )
  • Inspection of Adhesive joints

VibroShearovis Software

  • DisplayImg Professional

    Extensive acquisition and evaluation software with leading concept such as project-tree and script-interface, dedicated for VibroShearoVis measurements. Numerous extension modules are available

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Amplifier HVA-DB200 Piezo shaker PS-X03-32/150 Piezo shaker PS-X03-16/150 Piezo shaker PS-X03-6/500
Resonant frequency DC – 30kHz 0-4kHz 0-8kHz 0-20kHz
Amplitude 22μm 11μm 2,4μm
Capacity 5200nF 2600nF <250nF
Voltage 180V
Supply 230V AC