Vacuum-excited Shearography

VTShearoVis - Inspection of adhesive connection joints

  • Vacuum-excited Shearography is a non-destructive test method
  • Measurement of component deformation under load
  • Well suited for characterization of sandwich structures
  • Used in aerospace, automotive and wind energy industries
  • Application in production and maintenance
  • Compatible and extendable with other edevis excitation sources and software modules

Principle of Vacuum-excited Shearography

Principle of Vacuum-excited Shearography

Depending on the specimen geometry, the component e.g. can be clamped in a tensile testing machine or simply be loaded with a weight. An interesting variation of the mechanical excitation is the pressure excitation, which is especially well suited for tires, tanks and other hollow objects. Alternatively, the test can also be performed in a vacuum/pressure chambers or a hood. Chambers have the advantage that the whole body displacement is reduced (in comparison to vacuum hoods). The pressure differences usually are only a few mbar.

Typical applications for Vacuum-excited Shearography

Stringer-reinforced CFRP component
CFRP monocoque structure
CFRP monocoque structure

GFRP/foam composite tailplane with adhesive faults (left to right: Shearogram, Demodulated Shearogram, high-pass filtered Shearogram)


  • Inspection of CFRP and other fibre composites on flaws like impacts, ondulations, delaminations, connection of inserts, inclusions, ...)
  • Inspection of sandwich components (e.g. Aluminium, CFRP, GFRP, … )
  • Testing of adhesive joints

VTShearovis Software

  • DisplayImg Professional

    Extensive acquisition and evaluation software with leading concept such as project-tree and script-interface, dedicated for VTShearoVis measurements. Numerous extension modules are available

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Vacuum window Vakuum hood Vakuumchamber
pumping power 0,6-3,5 m3/h 7,5 m3/h on request
Max. under pressure 850 mbar 850 mbar on request
Area of inspection 300 x 250 mm2 300 x 250 mm2 on request
Housing 19'' / 3U 19'' / 3U 19'' / 3U