Large array fast camera

The X8400sc high-end camera has a megapixel resolution stirling-cooled sensor dedicated to non-destructive testing and process control of very fast processes.

Key features


  • 1280x1024 pixel The X8400sc has a high resolution megapixel (1280x1024) detector that provides outstanding image accuracy.
  • High-Speed-IR-Windowing The FLIR X-Series features a high-speed windowing mode for recording speeds of up to a few kHz.
  • Camera synchronization for real-time processing with digital I / O and image markers.
  • Analog value acquisition with image-synchronous mapping for real-time acquisition of external measurements.
  • Analog value output with image-synchronous mapping for control of external processes.
  • Extremely high sensitivity < 20 mK for finest image details and capturing of smallest temperature differences.
  • Display on the camera for easy operation and adjustment.
  • GigE Vision™ standard for data transfer over long distances and to laptops.
  • CamLink™ interface for robust industry-standard data transfer.


The-Series has an incredibly flexible connectivity.

  • Cameralink for full-speed video transfer
  • Gigabit Ethernet for data transfer to laptop computers
  • HDMI for video transfer directly to displays
  • WiFi for video transfer to IOS devices (iPhone, iPad).
  • Sync- and trigger for external synchronization of image capturing.
  • Lockin-input for real-time acquisition of analog reference signals.
  • Built-in function generator.

Rear panel of X8400sc


Focal length 28mm 50mm 100mm 200mm Close-up x3
Aperture f/2 f/2 f/2 f/2 f/4
Opening (h/v) 38°x31° 22°x17° 11°x9° 5.5°x4.4° 6.4x5.1mm
Focus manual manual manual manual manual


Sensor X8400sc
Resolution 1280 x 1024
Frame rate 106 Hz
Detector material InSb
Spectral range 1,5 μm - 5 μm
Pitch 15 μm
NETD < 25 μm (18 mK typ.)
Cooling Closed cycle Stirling
Data transfer  
Read-out Snapshot
Read out mode ITR or IWR
Synchronization IRIG-B, Sync-In, Trigger-In
Time stamp Internal IRIG-b Decoder Clock / TSPI Accurate Time Stamp
Exposure 500ns to max. Framerate
Windowing yes, variabel
Dynamics 14 Bit
Accuracy ±1°C or ±1% of reading
Standard calibration 5°C to 300°C
Extended calibration -40°C to 3000°C
Filter exchangeable wheel with 4 positions
Operational temperature -20°C bis 50°C
Vibration and schock operational 15g, IEC 68-2-29 / operational 2g, IEC 68-2-26
Supply 24VDC
Weight (w/o lens) 5,05 kg
Dimensions 280×150×180mm
Mounting UNC 1/4”−20 and 3 × M5