The fastest infrared camera

The X6900sc is the ideal camera for outstanding applications in research and development. The camera features the highest speed (about 1 kHz in fullscreen) combined with excellent temperature resolution high spatial resolution, making it ideal for the observation of extremely fast processes and processes.

Key features


  • Up to 1004 Hz Framerate in full field at 640 x 512 pixel
  • Up to 29 kHz Framerate in sub-window
  • Built-in SSD drive for lossless data recording
  • Sensitive MWIR 640 x 512 detector (1,5 - 5μm). Material: InSb
  • Excellent thermal resolution. NETD < 20mK
  • Lenses with high aperture (f/2)
  • Precise, flexible trigger I/O
  • Motorized filter wheel


The-Series has an incredibly flexible connectivity.

  • Simul. Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision), Camera Link, CoaXPress (CXP) for radiometric video streaming
  • Sync- and trigger for external synchronization of image capturing.
  • Lockin-input for real-time acquisition of analog reference signals.

Anschlüsse der X6900sc

X6900sc real panel: Camlink, GigE, Trigger, Lockin, ...

X6900sc solid state drive

The SSD is easily exchangeable.


Focal length 25mm 50mm 100mm Close-up x1 Close-up x4
Aperture f/2.5 f/2.5 f/2.5 f/4.1 f/4.1
Opening (h/v) 36°x29° 18°x15° 9,2°x7,3° 16mm x 12,8mm 4mm x 3,2mm
Transmission 3-5μm 3-5μm 3-5μm 3-5μm 3-5μm


Sensor X6900sc
Resolution 640 x 512
Framerate 1004 Hz
Sensor material InSb
Spectral range 1,5 μm - 5 μm
Pitch 25 μm
NETD < 20 μm (20 mK typ.)
Aperture f/2.5 or f/4.1
Cooling Closed cycle Stirling
Data transfer  
Read-out Snapshot
Read out mode ITR or IWR
Synchronization IRIG-B, Sync-In, Trigger-In
Time stamp Internal IRIG-b Decoder Clock
Exposure 480ns to max. Framerate
Windowing Yes, variabel
Dynamics 14 Bit
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading
Standard calibration -20°C to 350°C
Extended calibration up to 2000°C
Filter exchangeable filter wheel with 4 slots
Operational temperature -20°C to 50°C
Vibration and schock 40 g, 11 ms 1⁄2 Sinus-impulse /4,3 g RMS random oscillation
Supply 24VDC (< 50W in continous operation)
Weight (w/o lens) 6,35 kg
Dimensions 241mm x 165mm x 152mm
Mounting 2 x 1⁄4 Zoll -20
1 x 3/8 Zoll -16
4 x 10/24