Blazing-fast infrared camera with large 25μm pixels

The SC6800 is one of our fastest camera for outstanding applications in research and development. The camera offers extreme speed combined with excellent temperature resolution high spatial resolution, making it ideal for watching the fastest processes and processes.

Key features


  • Up to 565 Hz Framerate im Vollbild bei 640 x 512 Pixel
  • Sensitive MWIR 640 x 512 Sensor (1,5 - 5μm oder 3-5μm). Material: InSb
  • Outstanding thermal resolution. NETD < 20mK (18mK typ.)
  • Excellent lenses (f/2)
  • Precise and flexible triggering


The SC-series has an powerful and flexible connectivity.
Available interfaces:

  • Cameralink oder CoaXPress for full-speed video transfer
  • Gigabit Ethernet for digital video transfer to laptop computers
  • Sync- and Trigger for external synchronization of image acquisition
  • Lockin-input for real-time acquisition of analog reference signals.

Rear panel of SC6800


Focal length 25mm 50mm 100mm 200mm
Aperture f/2 f/2 f/2 f/2
Focus manual manual manual manual
Microscope Close-up x1 Close-up x2,5 Close-up x4 Close-up x5
Aperture f/2 f/2 f/2 f/4
Resolution 25μm 10μm 6,25μm 5μm


Sensor SC6800
Resolution 640 x 512
Framerate 565 Hz
Detector material InSb
Spectral sensitivity 1,5 μm - 5 μm
Pitch 25 μm
NETD < 20 μm (18 mK typisch)
Aperture f/2,5 oder f/4,1
Cooling Closed cycle Stirling
Data transfer  
Read-out Snapshot
Read-out modes ITR or IWR
Synchronisation IRIG-B, Sync-In, Trigger-In
Time stamp Internal IRIG-B
Exposure 480ns bis 687s
Windowing yes, variabel
Dynamics 14 Bit
Accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading
Standard calibration -20°C bis 300°C
Extended calibration bis 2000°C
Operational temperature -40°C bis 50°C
Vibration and schock 40 g , 11 msec 1⁄2 sine pulse / 4.3 g RMS Random Vibration
Supply 24VDC
Weight (w/o lens) 4,5 kg
Dimensions 218×143×158mm
Mounting 2 x 1/4”−20, 1 x 3/8” und 4 × 10/24 Gewinde