DisplayIMG 6


DisplayImg - efficient workflow with imaging non-destructive testing

  • Ideally suited for inspections with active or passive thermography, and shearography
  • Highly efficient for handling of huge amounts of data
  • Optimized workflow
  • Intuitive and well-designed user interface
  • Use in production-, laboratory and service applications
  • Compatible to other edevis software products

Support for all your devices

  • All edevis excitation sources: induction, Laser, optical heating, flash, ...
  • FLIR Stirling-cooled high-end infrared cameras
  • FLIR un-cooled Microbolometer cameras
  • InfraTec ImageIR cameras
  • IRCAM cameras
  • Isi-Sys shearography sensors
  • Backward-compatible to numerous edevis legacy products

Powerful tools

  • NEW: campaign manager for structured data organization and archiving
  • Improved project-tree concept for structured workflow on complex projects
  • Graphical reperesentation of measurement data
  • Statistical quantitative evaluation of image data
  • Numerous image processing filters for post-processing and judgement
  • Python script interface for custom extension programming


DisplayIMG Professional

DisplayIMG Basic

Native 64 Bit application Native 64 Bit application
Real-time storing, real-time processing Real-time storing, real-time processing
Passive and active Thermography Passive and active Thermography
Active Shearography    
Real-time image processing for Thermography and Shearography Real-time Lockin for Thermography
Analysis tools Analysis tools
FILTER Image processing filters    
Script language Python    

Minimum System Requirements

OS Windows Vista or later (64 Bit)
Recommended: Windows 10 64 Bit
Recommended: 16GB DDR4
CPU Core i5 (4th generation) or later
Grafik Min: Intel HD 4000.
Recommended: AMD HD 7750